Tips to reduce electricity consumption in the office without being less efficient

Saving Money

  • Turn off all equipment or machinery that do not use. The majority of electronics such as computers, dvd, etc. consume power while they are turned off. According to studies, off devices that are connected are responsible for 10% of total electricity consumption in a home. If they are connected to a power strip or regulator, turn it off
  • Disconnect all kinds of chargers when not used. It also consume electricity
  • Use more a laptop rather than the desktop. Consume less power, so if you plan to buy computers for your office, purchase laptops
  • Select the “Power Management” on your computer
  • Use electrical appliances with the ENERGY STAR label or the ones that ensure an efficient energy consumption
  • Use fluorescent bulbs in the places that remain illuminated for longer, illuminates the same, consume less energy and last longer
  • Clean or change air conditioner’s filters regularly
  • If you are using air conditioning to keep the doors and windows close
  • Maintain the temperature of the air conditioned almost neutral, extreme temperatures require greater energy
  • If you don’t mind using a fan rather than an air conditioner, do so
  • Try to reuse everything you can, for example paper in the offices
  • If it’s within your economic possibilities change your windows to “Energy Efficient Windows”. They reduce the energy used to heat or cool in approximately 30%

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