What to do with a Lamp!

Did you know?

Lamps add light, décor and style to any room in your home. Even a dark corner of a room not used much can benefit from well chosen lamps. Not only do lamps provide light and brilliance, they look really great.d

Originally a lamp was a vessel for holding oil that could be burned through a wick for illumination; the term has been extended to other lighting devices. In Egypt and the Middle East saucer-like terra-cotta lamps were known. The Greeks often used a cylindrical spout for the wick. The Romans used a superior closed type of lamp, often with multiple spouts. The float-wick lamp, in which the wick is supported above the oil, was probably of Egyptian origin; it survived in the West chiefly as a sanctuary lamp. Lighting with lamps has a long and useful history of helping to illuminate our homes.

Nowadays it’s not necessary to use an actual flame in our lamps, we have more sophisticated methods such as incandescent lamps and tungsten-halogen lamp. Tungsten-halogen lamps use a tungsten filament as the light source, a gas filling that includes a halogen and a quartz bulb. The halogens prevent lamp walls from darkening as quickly as those of the other incandescent lamps, so more light is available to the task or work surface.

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