Electricity is No Joke!

Did you know?, Safety First!

Your life, your family’s life, and your home are priceless. And, you also save money in the long run by having a job done correctly the first time!

Regardless of the plethora of self-help books and “do it yourself” instructions on the Internet, it is against the law for any person not licensed as an electrician to perform any type of electrical work.

Many people replace fixtures, outlets, and even do wiring in their homes and, maybe it gets done right some of the time. Do-it yourself wiring is one of the most frequent problems electricians comes across. If unlicensed work does cause a fire, there is another consideration beyond the initial tragedy: It is possible that if, after investigating the cause of a fire, your homeowners insurance company determines that is was due to improper electrical work, your claim could be rejected. As with the lack of law enforcement regarding unlicensed electrical work, this is currently a gray area, but the risk is there.

“Unfortunately, from a safety standpoint, the electrical system is one of the few things in a home that can be installed completely wrong and still “work.” – Home Inspector William Kibbel III, from The Old House Web

Another liability issue comes up if you hire an unlicensed person to do electrical work and improper installation causes damage to expensive equipment or part of your home’s electrical system. Only licensed electricians have insurance that will cover damage from faulty electrical work.

The bottom line:
Electricity is dangerous and no joking matter. Please stay safe and always call a licensed electrician to do any electrical work in your home or business.

Integrity Electric is an electrical service and contract company based in Port Charlotte, FL. For additional safety tips, information about reducing energy costs, how to recycle mercury-containing bulbs, and more, see Integrity Electric or call 941-628-1993.

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