Easily Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights


You are decorating your first home for Christmas and you are feeling a little bit nervous. Are you going to be able to handle putting up Christmas lights? After all, in the holiday movies, this is the point where all kinds of mishaps occur. However, outdoor Christmas lights are actually pretty easy to use. The key to success with outdoor lighting is to make sure you are prepared before you start the job.

The first step is to buy enough light strings to complete the job. Start by deciding how many feet you’ll need to light up all the areas you’d like to decorate, such as your doorways, windows and roof line. Don’t forget to include measurements for width and length.

Next, be sure you have enough gutter hooks to securely fasten lights that you are running along your home’s guttering system. You can shop for extra hooks if you feel that there aren’t enough in the light packages to do the job.

Finally, get someone to assist you with the job. A second pair of hands can hold the ladder steady while you are hanging lights from the roof. In addition, your helper can hand you the sets of lights as you need them, which means you don’t have to run up and down the ladder carrying strings of lights.

2 thoughts on “Easily Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

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