Color Schemes for Christmas Lights


As you drive through your neighborhood, you can’t help but notice the difference between your house and all the other homes on the block. They are beautifully illuminated with color coordinated decorating schemes that make them seem tasteful and elegant. Your house looks a bit like you bought a bunch of differently colored lights on sale and them strung them up one after the other. While that might actually be your decorating strategy, you certainly don’t want it to look obvious. What you need is an attractive color scheme for outdoor Christmas lights.

  • Try using strands of blue, pink, green, red, purple or gold lights on a white home. Simply outline every part of the house with the lights and you will have an elegant, one color look. If your home is not white, make sure you do not choose a color that clashes with the home. A red house would look good with green lights, but may not look very attractive with purple lighting.
  • Consider combining your main light color with coordinating accent lighting. For example, if you use blue lights to outline your home, you may want to use clear lights on the foundation shrubbery.

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