How to Choose the Right Lamp

Lighting, Saving Money

Many people choose a lamp without first taking measurements and considering both the style and the purpose of the lamp. Size, brightness, and look are very important when purchasing any type of home lighting, but lamp fixtures are especially particular because they serve the dual purpose of providing light and decorating the room. Before you go hunting for a new lamp, be prepared with a few helpful hints.

The size of the lamp is possibly the most important matter to determine. This is somewhat dependant on how the lamp will be used. 

Will this lamp sit on the floor or on a table? Will it be used for reading? Where will the lamp be positioned in the room? If the lamp is going to be placed on a table, it must have the right proportions so that the lampshade does not overlap the edges of the table. This not only prevents the lampshade from being bumped, but also allows for a few more objects to be placed on the table for display.

The materials and styles of lamps are the most flexible options. The style of the lamp does not have to completely match that of the room. As long as the finish of the fixture is complimentary or matching to the surface the lamp will rest on, the material can be chosen by taste. To narrow the search, decide on a contemporary or traditional style and proceed by finding the right size and proportion. Keep it in scale. A delicate table deserves a delicate table lamp. Likewise, a table with mass needs to have a lamp with substance.

Picking the right lamp fixture may be the final factor in the success of your home lighting. Lamps are crucial decorative pieces that must provide the light you need while tying the room design together. Take the time to measure precisely and choose wisely.

Think of lighting in layers. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that one overhead fixture is all you need in a room. Having multiple sources of light in a room will allow you to change the level of light for specific needs. Rooms typically need five to seven sources of illumination to be fully functional and look their best. The layers can include natural light, overhead fixtures, table lamps, floor lamps, task lighting, and candles.

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